Skip Hire Walsall

We offer comprehensive skip hire services to customers in Walsall and across the rest of the United Kingdom. If you're a homeowner or business in need of waste disposal, we are the skip hire service for you.

Skip Hire Walsall

We offer comprehensive skip hire services to customers in Walsall and across the rest of the United Kingdom. If you're a homeowner or business in need of waste disposal, we are the skip hire service for you.

Our Skip Hire Company Solutions

It can often be a confusing process, trying to select the correct size of skip for your individual requirements and that is
where our experts come in. We can guide you through what to expect, skip sizes, hire prices and more.

2 yard skip

The 2-Yard Skip


1.5m x 1m x 0.75m | 5’0’’ x 3’4’’ x 2’5’’


Up to 20 bin bags

£145 (incl. VAT)

The 4-Yard Skip


1.8m x 1.1m x 0.95m | 5’11’’ x 4’0’’ x 3’2’’


Up to 40 bin bags

From £209 (incl. VAT)

6 yard skip

The 6-Yard Skip


2.6m x 1.5m x 1.2m | 8’6’’ x 5’0’’ x 4’0


Up to 60 bin bags

£285 (incl. VAT)

What Our Clients Say

Skip Hire in Walsall

Our Skip Hire Walsall experts have worked with both residential and commercial customers for many years, providing a range of skip sizes at competitive prices, from small residential-sized skips up to major roll-on roll-off agreements.


A Range of Skip Sizes

Having worked in the waste management industry for many years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the types of skips that customers need. Every renovation project and commercial build is different, requiring us to build up a variety of skips for every situation.

We have smaller skips including mini skips that are perfect for those small DIY projects like kitchen refit or garden clearance. The next step up is a midi skip, providing customers with much more capacity for larger household renovation projects and small construction projects.

As you move into commercial requirements, such as new builds or commercial properties then we have builders skips and roll-on roll-off skips to rent. These skips are capable of holding hundreds of black bags of waste, with specific delivery and collection agreements to minimise any delays on commercial projects.

We truly believe that choosing the most effective size of skip is a fundamental part of effective waste management so contact Skip Hire Walsall to talk about your individual requirements.


How We Work

Our approach is one of responsible waste disposal, whilst maintaining the view that we can also deliver an efficient, cheap skip hire service for all customers in Walsall and the surrounding areas. The first step is speaking to our customers to agree on an effective waste management plan that meets timelines, budgets and capacity.

Once you have spoken to the team and decided on the skip hire service you need, we can then schedule a delivery date. No matter whether you’ve selected a mini skip for some home renovations or builders skip for your latest project, we can ensure you get the waste removal service you need.

We will also talk to you about whether the local council requires a skip permit and any other rules you must follow. This is often a requirement when having a skip on pavements or public roads but can also be required for construction sites.

As soon as you have finished loading your skip with garden waste or building materials, contact one of the team and we will collect it. We then take it to a waste management facility ensuring your waste is disposed of in a professional way that mitigates the impact on the environment.


Skip Hire Permit and Pricing

Skip Hire Walsall believes in acting in a transparent and professional way when it comes to the issue of skip hire permit and pricing. No matter whether you’re a domestic customer or working on commercial projects you may be required to obtain a permit before you get the skip delivered. Equally, it is important to have a clear understanding of pricing so that there are no nasty surprises later on.

The main reason why skip permits are required is that they are often required to be placed on pavements or public land (e.g. main roads). We have worked with local councils and authorities around the country, particularly for skip hire in Walsall so we know what is required.

If you’re uncertain about what is required or would like a free quote including advice on this topic then get in touch and speak to our experts. We will also take the time to understand your specific requirements so you can be offered the most cost-effective price.


Our Skip Hire Services

Skip Hire in Walsall is a competitive environment and we believe our approach to skip hire makes us stand out from other waste management services. With a combination of an efficient and cost-effective service, alongside a focus on the environment we care about supporting customers.

Being Efficient

Waste disposal is a fundamental part of any construction project, no matter whether it is a home renovation, garden waste removal or commercial building project. Failing to plan for waste can lead to increased costs and significant delays and that is something you need to avoid.

As a result, we’ve focused on creating a service that focuses on efficiency at every stage without compromising on quality. Our Skip Hire Walsall team know the questions to ask and has the availability of skips and drivers to deliver skips in Walsall at short notice. By delivering the right size skip, to the right location we can maintain progress on any project.

So maybe you’re planning some home renovations or due to start at a new construction site, either way, get in touch with our experts today for an efficient and effective service.

Thinking About the Environment

Whenever we process waste collected in our skips, we do our best to think about the environment. One of the ways we do this is by providing guidance on what can and can’t be put in our skips, as well as the best way to separate out different materials.

From there, we will ensure that waste is separated and recycling is taken to a recycling facility. This helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites and reduce the impact construction has on the environment.

When you decide to work with Skip Hire Walsall, you can trust that we will do our very best to deliver a professional service that mitigates environmental impact.

Making it Affordable

Skip hire can sometimes seem to be an expensive solution for waste disposal but we believe this doesn’t have to be the case. By helping you to select the most suitable skip for your individual needs, we can save you money. This is because if you order a skip that is too small, then you may need to get a second one. Equally, if you go for a skip with too much space, you are wasting money that could be spent on other areas of your renovation project.

If you’re completing some home DIY or working on a building site, we will ensure you receive the same focus on cost-effective and affordable skip hire.



The Skip Hire Walsall team has supported customers in Walsall, the West Midlands and across the UK for many years. We have a wide range of skip sizes, designed for both domestic and commercial customers. No matter your requirements, we are confident we can provide you with a cheap skip hire service, fast delivery and professional support.

To find out more or to book the skip size you need then contact our team today.

Range of skip sizes available

Range of skip sizes

Up to 40 bin bags

From £150 + VAT

Range of skip sizes

Up to 60 bing bags

From £210 + VAT 

Range of skip sizes

Up to 80 bin bags

From £250 + VAT 

Range of skip sizes

Up to 100 bin bags

From £280 + VAT

Range of skip sizes

Up to 140 bin bags

From £310 + VAT

Range of skip sizes

Up to 140 bin bags

From £380 + VAT